Are all the Products Original & Genuine?

This is the Only Official Cottonil webshop online, all other shops are not related to the mother company and we're not responsible for any of them, so, Yes. We are committed to offering our customers only 100% genuine and original products.
Please send an email to “info@cottonilshop.com “ if you think a product listed on our website does not meet these standards.

Are all Products New?

Yes, They're all are.

Does Cottonil have a mobile app?

We don't have at the moment but you access the website via your phone or tablet at any time to buy as the website is completely mobile-responsive.

What are your hours of operation?

The Cottonilshop website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Cottonilshop also employs a customer service team whose sole mission is to do whatever it takes to help our customers love their every interaction with Cottonilshop. If you have a question, please Call us, E-mail us or Live chat with us!

Are there any hidden costs?

Not at all, all products are Tax included you only Pay for the Order Amount Plus the Shipping Fees.

How to place an order?

*1st From the main page:
1-Choose your preferred category (men, women, kids, pajamas or Mercerise)
2-You can choose your sub-category or you can click on the category and it will show you all the item
3-You can select your preferred product from the list select (product, color & size), 
you have two options:
A-Choose add to cart if you want to add more than one item
B-Choose buy now to direct you to the checkout page
*2nd way to place an order:
1-You can click on the product it will direct you to the product page and through it you can choose your own (size, color, quantity & add more than one of the same product)
2- After choosing all your preferred (size, color & quantity) click on add to cart or you can also add the product to your wish list
If you added the product to the wish list:
*Create your own
*Add he product to buy it whenever you want
If you added the product to the cart you can open it from the top of the page to direct you to the checkout page

What are the checkout Steps:

After selecting buy now or add to cart it will direct you to shopping cart to confirm your order (product, size, colour, price & quantity)
Press on redeem if you have a voucher code after adding the code then checkout
Or press checkout if you haven’t voucher
3-After pressing on checkout it will direct you to another page:
*if you are a new customer:
It will direct you to “your information page” to add yours choose “buy as guest” or “signup”
And fill the required information for shipping address and payment method the press next
After confirming all this steps press buy now or you can click on change order if you want to change if
*if you already have an account:
After pressing on checkout you will be on shipping address page press next if all the information is right, or press new address if you want to change the shipping address then after editing press next
It will confirm with you the payment method then clicks on next
After confirming all the steps press buy now or click on change order if you want to change it. 

How to check an order?

To track your order, please contact us by calling 01003290991 or by using our live chat
You can get your order number from the confirmation email \ your account on the website or by calling our customer service number 01003290991

How to create an account?

Click on my account on the top right of the page
You can either login with your Facebook account or you can proceed and select create an account
Fill your personal information 
How to change info on my account?
Sign into my account
Select my personal information tab to edit it
How to use vouchers?
On the shopping cart page, you can simply redeem your voucher by entering the voucher code and the click on redeem

How to return/return process?

You can always call us on customer service number 01003290991 or use Live chat with one our customer service representatives and they'll happily assist you with your request.
Items Should be in its initial condition and not tried or worn before as Egyptian Consumer Protection Law states for the conditions to return Underwear.
Return your product within 14 working days.

How to refund the money?

After passing the quality check you will be receiving
a call from one of our customer service  representatives to arrange the cash refund.